Sarah's Beer of the Week 01.17.19

New Orleans has a reputation for great food, and lots of partying.  Both are true.  NO is also doing its best to become a beer city.  I was there last two years ago, and on the trip we just made a few weeks ago, I already see the scene changing.  There are more styles.  More hazy IPA's.  More fun labels.  Now, I did go for some of the old favorites, like Dixie and Abita.  I must say, the Dixie did not do it for me.  Was like Miller High Life, thin with tiny bubbles.  The Abita Amber, on the other hand, was delicious.  I love Parish Brewing, the IPA and the Pale.  The Ghost in the Machine IPA is one of the best I've had in months.   And like so many beers, the hops are from Yakima.  While in NO we also went to Pat O'Brien's for a Hurricane.  We had the iconic Sazerac cocktail.  And the French 47 cocktail.  All of it was scrumptious.  Yes there is a lot of partying in NO, but there is also amazing architecture, history, incredibly friendly people and great food/drink.  I recommend a trip there!  Cheers.


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