Sarah's Beer of the Week 01.10.19

For part of our holiday break Matt and I spent some time 'down south'.  That included a trip to Alabama.  We drove through Mississippi, to Alabama with a few stops on the way.  We rented a house in Fairhope, on Mobile Bay.  What an adventure!  Especially for those who haven't spent a lot of time in the South.  There was a lot of great food to be found.  I'm pretty sure we ate oysters and shrimp every day.  The people are quite friendly, and the shore is beautiful.   Instead of seeking out moonshine, I sought out local beers.  There is a fair amount to be had!  The most common style was IPA and lager.  There is so much rich history in our country and all corners are so different.  It's nice to spend time discovering the US and not always seeking out a far destination.

Check out a few of my pictures below!


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