Sarah's Beer of the Week 10.25.18

I've really had a hankering for dark beers lately.  Browns, ambers, porters,'s all I've been craving.  I prefer them less 'chocolaty' and less 'coffee-y'.  Not always an easy task.  There are plenty of chocolate stouts and coffee porters.  I just want a rich malty dark beer.  A beer from Crossroads Brewing Company made its way to me, and what a treat.  I'd never heard of the brewery, probably because they are in Athens, NY.  And Catskill, NY.  Not a place I make it too often, and they aren't big enough to be sold out here in WA.  I am SO glad I got to try this, because their Black Rock Stout is outlandishly good.  This brew is malty, robust, and full bodied like a good stout should be.  I don't want a thing stout.  It's roasty, and does have chocolate, but at the same time it's not dessert.  This hit the spot.  This beer reminded me how cool it is to see the craft beer movement become so huge and to see so many breweries in so many cities and towns.  Who cares if you've heard of the brewery, or even the city.  Try new brew my friends!


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