Sarah's Beer of the Week 10.11.18

I am a big fan of Reuben's Brews in Ballard.  They have a ton of beer that I like, and many different styles.  The Roasted Rye IPA and Robust Porter are among my favorites.  I hadn't been to their tap room in some time, so decided a visit was in order.  A group of us went on Saturday, and even in the middle of the afternoon it was hoppin.  They are in a different location from when they first started and it's a much bigger space, with indoor/outdoor seating.  I was amazed by how many different beers they had on tap.  Some brewers want quantity and skimp on quality.  NOT the case at Reuben's.  Each and every beer we had was amazing.  They have plenty of IPA but really, something for any beer taste.  While you can find Reuben's in most stores, you'll have a good chance of scoring something unusual that they only sell in their taproom.  If you haven't tried, or haven't are missing out.  Hands down, Reuben's is one of the best out there.  Cheers!


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