Sarah's Beer of the Week 10.04.18

When many of us were young, there was only one kind of beer style.  Pilsner.  If you got a little crazy you might be able to find a Guinness Stout, or maybe a dark beer.  The craft beer movement, thankfully, has changed all that.  In fact, there are so many styles to choose from it can be overwhelming.  One of the latest trends (as of this writing, which means 10 more could have come and gone by the time I'm done) is Hazy New England Style IPA.  One of my friends told me that it is about to be replaced by a new style called 'Brut'.  I don't approve.  I am loving the NE IPA's.  If you're wondering, 'Brut' is tiny delicate bubbles...think champagne or sparkling wine.  But back to the NE IPA.  I bought one this week from Block 15 Brewing Company called Fresh Flow.  This is a tropical, refreshing, fruity but still beery beer.  Absolutely delicious.  They just started canning this beer a few months ago, and I hope they continue to do so.  While some might say it's the perfect summer refresher, it was really good this past week...the first week of Fall!  I sat outside and drank in the feeling of summer while sipping the essence of summer.  Block 15 brews a lot of hop forward beer, and I would highly recommend this one.  And get it fast before someone ruins this hazy ipa trend and replaces it with Brut!  Ahh, to each his/her own.  Maybe I'll give it a go soon.  In the meantime, thanks Block 15 for putting out a great beer. 

Yummy brew
Block 15 out of OR
Hazy ipa is yum


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