Sarah's Beer of the Week 03.01.18

When KZOK moved studios I was a little nervous about it's proximity to beer.  Holy Mountain Brewing Company to be exact.  Lucky for me, they don't open until 3 pm on weekdays, or I'd spend WAY too much time there.  The beer is really delicious.  Plus, it changes all the time, so you have to go in all the time to see what's new!  I went on a Saturday with Matt, Chastity the Cat Whisperer and her husband Mark.  These guys are just as passionate about beer as I am, and said Holy Mountain had an insanely good IPA out.  The Hivemaker IPA was one of the many beers Holy Mountain were offering.  To say it is delicious isn't saying enough.  Scrumptious.  Scrumpdidilyicious.  There we go.  Matt tried the Demonteller Saison.  Chastity and Mark went Comet Extra Pale.  We all wound up with several rounds, because there is so much to try.  Thank you Holy Mountain for making great beer.  And for opening long after I've left work for the day.


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