Ozzy credits Satan for avoiding COVID, Is David Lee Roth Really Done?

Fortunately, Ozzy Osbourne has avoided COVID-19 despite his wife and daughter having come down with it. In a recent interview Ozzy credited his luck to a friend, he said “being a devil worshipper does have its good points!”

David Lee Roth has unveiled a new promotional poster for his upcoming Las Vegas residency. Earlier this month he had said these will be his last five shows. However, the new poster says “The Last Tour… Unless It Isn’t”

In the History of Rock in 1956 – A motion picture called “Don’t Knock The Rock”, featuring Little Richard and Bill Haley And His Comets, opens in U.S. theatres. The movie tells the story of a disc jockey, Alan Freed, who tries to prove to teenagers’ parents that Rock ‘n’ Roll is harmless and won't turn their kids into juvenile delinquents.

In 1966 – The Jimi Hendrix Experience play their first major concert at the Olympia Theatre in Paris in front of an audience of 14,500. The British press call Hendrix “The wild man of Pop.”

And in 1979 – At a Madison Square Garden concert, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull suffers a minor injury when a rose is thrown at him by a fan and one of the thorns pierces his eye. Two shows have to be canceled before they resume the tour.

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