The Ohio State Marching Band Rush Tribute, How Dave Grohl Joined Nirvana

Rush members were ‘speechless’ as The Ohio State Marching Band tribute to the group. The Buckeyes’ tribute happened at halftime on Saturday during their home game against the Maryland Terrapins in Columbus, Ohio. The marching band added extra drums in honor of the late Neil Peart, the Rush drummer who died last year. The percussion section used 20 more toms and 20 more cymbals than usual, with the percussion players positioned at the front of the group.

We have news from Dave Grohl’s memoir. Apparently, he auditioned for Nirvana by phone. He claims he called Nirvana's bassist Krist Novoselic when he caught wind that the band needed a new drummer. Novoselic originally told him that the job was set to go to Dan Peters of Mudhoney, who played on "Sliver." Luckily for Grohl, Novoselic called back and said he and Kurt Cobain felt bad about taking Peters away from their Seattle contemporary. He recommended Grohl call Cobain, and the conversation must have gone well because Grohl moved to Seattle a few weeks later.

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In the History of Rock in 1965 – Gerry Marsden of Gerry And The Pacemakers marries the secretary of his fan club. When Jerry first asked her for a date, she was George Harrison's girlfriend, but George was away in Hamburg, so she accepted.

In 1991 – Apple Computer settled a lawsuit launched by The Beatles' record company, Apple Corporation, over name and logo rights. The computer company reportedly paid about $29 million to settle the suit.

And in 1997 – Elton John went to #1 on the Billboard singles chart with his world-wide hit "Candle In The Wind" (Princess Diana version), his eighth U.S. chart topping single. The record would go on to become the largest selling single in history, replacing Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" for that honor.

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