9-9-21 Classic Rock Update: Foo Fighters Surprise Club Show, New Rush Music

The Foo Fighters have announced they’ll perform a very rare club show at the famed 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, tonight.It’s part of the group's tour in support of their latest album, "Medicine At Midnight", the show has already sold out. The band's tenth record debuted at Number 1 in several countries while entering the US charts at Number 3 on the Billboard 200 earlier this year.

The Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson has revealed he's working with Rush's Geddy Lee on a “super-secret” project. Robertson talks about his love for the iconic bassist, describing their bond to be like that of family. He also shares that he's been in the studio with Lee working on a project he “can't talk about”.

In the History of Rock in 1954 – It’s a big day in the making of Elvis’ career.The man who would later become The King played at the opening of the Lamar-Airways Shopping Center in Memphis Tennessee. Johnny Cash was in the audience and after the show met Elvis for the first time.

In 1956 – And just two years later Elvis Presley made his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in front of 54 million TV viewers, which gave the program an 82.6 rating. Elvis sang "Don't Be Cruel", "Love Me Tender", "Hound Dog" and "Ready Teddy" for host Charles Laughton who was filling in for Sullivan who was recovering from a recent car accident. Laughton mistakenly introduced the singer as "Elvin" Presley. The next day, record stores were swamped with requests for "Love Me Tender", although its release date was weeks away. There were also well-organized letter writing campaigns and petitions against Presley, but it was later brought to light that many of the signatures were fictitious or of deceased people.

And in 1998 – An episode of Judge Judy airs in which Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten appears as the defendant in a case involving drummer Robbie Williams, who sues Rotten for wrongful termination from a recent tour. Williams had claimed that the Sex Pistols owed him $7,000. Rotten said Williams quit and was owed nothing. Judge Judy apparently found Rotten was most credible and ruled in his favor.

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