Friday's Show: And You Can Tell

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

What Are You Wearing?

Danny gets a little spooked, when he thinks we can see him... Plus, we all want to ride in the magic bus, a strange crime was perpetrated at one of our malls, and move over Air BnB there is a new vacation trend booming.

Cast Yourself

It's time to play casting director to yourself, we asked what iconic movie role you would love to play... Plus, one American hot spot is offering up deals to entice you to visit there, a Florida story that is even more bonkers than most, and baseball as we know it is about to get funky.

Hang On Just A Second

Callers join our conversation on Covid related changes that we are in no rush to see go back to normal... Plus, a very strange story about where a cow was found, why one woman went crazypants on her husband, and something strange has been spotted on some government refund checks.

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