Monday's Show: Isolated But Not Alone

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Home Sweet Home

Danny is broadcasting from home, this should go smoothly... Plus, Neil Diamond has some good advice and a twist to an old favorite, weed is flying off the store shelves, but penis pasta is not.

Where We Were

We know we are mostly all cooped up in our homes for now, listeners join the conversation of where we spent our time before all of this... Plus, Danny shares a story of his friend Kenny Rogers, we argue over whether Game Stop is an essential business in times of crisis, and another legendary artist is getting in the social distancing concert game.

Giving Thanks

In these trying times, there are so many worthy of our thanks... Plus, the city of Everett is closed, some smart entrepreneurs are starting a topless food delivery service called Boober Eats, and you'll never guess where one baby was just born (spoiler alert: it was the toilet paper aisle of Walmart)

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