Danny's Diary [2/12/20]

Disclaimer: The following story maybe full of inaccuracies. Why? Because I was full of tequila when this event did or did not happen.

The year was… damn, I can't even remember the year. Whatever of the year, I was having a very good one. I had the number one radio show in Los Angeles which is probably a bigger deal than it sounds. If you made one producer laugh on their way to work, the next thing you know you're on Kimmel. If you’re talking about some amusing situation, all of a sudden it’s a plot line in an episode of Friends. (By the way, Ross and Rachel were definitely on a break.)

At the same time as the radio show I had a daytime talk show with Dick Clark and Mario Lopez calledThe Other Half. It didn't pay nearly as much as the radio show but I had a daytime talk show with Dick Clark and Mario Lopez and that ain't nothing. It was great to be back on television.

My wife at the time liked me being on television almost as much as I did. When you're ahead in LA, it can only mean two things: A big cement pond and movie stars. My then-wife to celebrate our good fortune. She threw a party that cost as much as a mid-range car. There was a bartender, a caterer, and this weird floating fire pit in the pool. There was also Dick Clark and Mario Lopez. The party even made most of the tabloids.

I came out to the backyard where the food, guests, and most importantly the booze were being kept. I was surveying my kingdom when I saw this man named Howard. He was the “anesthesiologist to the stars.” Yes, that is the real occupation, putting celebrities to sleep. I was surprised to see with the sleep doctor had brought Paula Abdul to the party.

Paula was getting pretty beat up in the press about her behavior and alleged alcohol and craziness on American Idol, but I will be honest with you, she seemed fine to me. That's why I was shocked when I left my house to go to work the next morning and Paula Abdul was still in my backyard. She apparently fell fast asleep in my bushes. What else do you expect when you come to a party with the “anesthesiologist to the stars”? I will repeat myself: Every time I have seen Paula Abdul since she has been nothing but kind, lucid, and a wonderful lady. 

Straight up.

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