Today's Show "Snow Flakes? Corn Flakes? Or Skin Flakes?"

"Snow Flakes? Corn Flakes? Or Skin Flakes?"

Danny has a problem, one that a lot of us understand and Amanda is in pain, but it's totally her own fault. Sarah updates us on Local news and some strange involving Jeff Bezos and oh so much more in Music, Entertainment Plus Sports with Special Guest Brian Halquist!


You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

If someone had something strange in their fridge would you still want to date them? Well with that idea in mind we started a conversation about things in peoples homes that we judge them by. We play the Final installment of Sweet Home Alabama for tickets to see Lynyrd Skynyrd at White River Amphitheater July 27th. Danny updates us on his big news of the day which includes an update on the Jeff Bezos story, some good news for one massive retailer, a story straight from a episode of Seinfeld and oh so much more. PLUSSS We play Where has Sarah's Beaver Been for A $40 gift card to Georgetown Brewing.


Don't Dream It Be It! Plus Craig Herrera from King 5

One gentleman tired to take over the controls of a train and toot the horn, because he was trying to fulfill a lifelong dream. So we talk about things we have always dreamed of doing!!! We have Craig Herrera from King 5 on air to talk to us about this crazy weather heading our way this weekend. Sarah updates us on a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, an interesting update on diabetes medication plus Friday's Fun Fact! Some interesting things have been happening to John Mellencamp in Music News, A five time Oscar Nominee has passed away, Michelle Obama has rescheduled her Tacoma date and its a sad day for Marvel fans. We talk about Russel Wilson's new gym, and a whole lot of other stuff in sports, PLUS we talk the movies coming out in theaters this weekend!

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