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You're Right

Danny was functional and fashionable today when he came to work fully prepared so he wouldn't freeze to death in his car. Sarah has the latest on the on a pretty strange stabbing in downtown Seattle, a pretty strange composting law that may be coming our way soon, proof that women's brains are different than men's and one glittery troll in Florida. We talk about Slash and his new tour, Mission Impossible movies and of course the Superbowl Ratings in Music, Entertainment and Sports.


Kings Of Convenience

Yesterday in the news one man had a strip club in his home, which kicks off the discussion of things we would love to have in our home out of convenience. We play the second installment of "Sweet Home Alabama!" for a pair of tickets to see Lynyrd Skyryrd at White River Amphitheater July 27th. Danny fills us in on his big news of the day which includes some interesting tech in Russia, Scientists have a revolutionary way for us to learn and one car company is a little embarrassed about the name of their new car. Your in for a special treat with Sarah's Filthy Forecast.


Please Just Cut It Out!

Apparently if we want to live longer we need to cut bacon and booze out of our diet, so we talk about all the things that would be super hard to cut out of our lives from TV to Concerts. Sarah has the info on a pretty strange fight that happened in White Center yesterday, the San Juan County Court is having some serious issues, and one woman really loves KFC. In music news, one company is making some pretty interesting cheese, some interesting movies are in the works and one show on FX is officially ending. PLUS we talk some Superbowl ratings and betting.

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