Today's Show " Seattle Snowpocalypse"

Seattle Snowpocalypse

We all barely made it to work due to the snow, well 3 outta 4 of us, Paul says he had no issues but we call malarkey. Sarah has the info on the Snowpocalypse, the opening of the tunnel and oh so much more. A cool piece of Beatles memorabilia is up for grabs, Oprah Winfrey was caught doing something very unexpected Plus we talk Superbowl and of course Superbowl Ads in Sports.



Cold Day In Hell

We've all been through a mini hell from being deported to being stuck on an island with no ferry we talk about it all. We play the first installment of "Sweet Home Alabama" for a chance to win tickets to see Lynyrd Skynyrd at White River Amphitheater July 27th. Danny updates us on his Big News of the Day, which has Strippers, Hot Potatoes and a few other gems. PLUS Business News with Jim The Flagger


Crowd Control

The Superbowl was this weekend where a whole lot of people got together to watch one game, which got us thinking about all the things we have done that involved crowds or large groups of people. Sarah has updates on a kayaking accident that occurred in Skykomish River this weekend, and a shipyard that was once in Seattle is now moving to Vancouver... Canada? Or Washington? We talk about some new documentaries heading your way, a divorce and some fancy wine PLUS Superbowl talk and Superbowl halftime show details

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