CEOs You Should Know: Cynthia Morgan of HappiSeek

Co-Founder of HappiSeek, Cynthia has dedicated her life to helping the world heal.

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Cynthia has been teaching spiritual principles, leading guided meditations, and conducting workshops for 34 years. Her techniques have proven to be highly successful in transforming the lives of thousands, including many of Hollywood’s elite, establishing her as one of the most innovative practitioners in her field.

She is an author of You’re Already Hypnotized: A Guide to Waking Up, an early adopter of podcast hosting A Course in What?!, and a board-certified hypnotherapist. Her unique approach to the art of hypnotherapy has redefined its practice not only as a means for emotional healing and behavior modification, but also as a powerful system of spiritual enlightenment.

In 2017, Cynthia founded the first hypnotherapy-based retreat Desert Reset, which was named the #1 Empowering Wellness Retreat in the USA on and “Top Pick” by

Cynthia has been featured in international magazines such as Russh, Vegan Health and Fitness, WellBeing, Australian Natural Health, and Mindful Studio.






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