Sarah's Beer of the Week 12.05.19

Last week Matt and I were in Vietnam. We visited Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. We ate and drank and explored. Let's talk about the beer! Vietnamese beer tends to be light lager. Part of this is because it gets so hot out, and part of it is that lager can be the perfect beer to drink with spicy food. Lots of people drink the beer on ice. Beer is a huge part of eating and drinking. So much so, that there is even 'Beer Street'. What fun that was. You sit on little stools on the sidewalk, drink beer and people watch. I tried several Vietnamese beers, including Saigon, Bia Hanoi, 333 and Ha Long Bay Beer. I must say that last one was my least favorite. I also drank Tiger, which is from Singapore, but ubiquitous in Vietnam. I was able to find one craft brewery, Pasteur Street Brewing Co and they had a delightful selection of beers. My favorite was the Jasmine IPA. You might not realize this, but Hanoi is one of the worlds greatest eating cities. We loved sitting outside with the locals, eating bowls of noodle soup, fresh veggies and, drinking local beer. One night we tried Fresh Beer (Bia Hoi), which is a beer brewed daily, and delivered to all the restaurants in little steel kegs. Fun! I included some pictures from our trip, not just pictures of beer. Enjoy!

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