Wednesday's Show: Staying Warm and Free, Danny Bonaduce Life Coach Is Back!

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Danny is always fashionable, but today he took it one level further he REALLY wanted to stay warm. In music and entertainment we chat about Motorhead, Game of Thrones and Bill Murray. Sounders, The World Series and Battle at The Boat are all topics of conversation in Sports. We discuss a crazy incident at the Denny Triangle, Tesla and Strange surfing story out of Florida all in the NEWS!

He's Back, Back Again....Danny Bonaduce Life Coach Is In

Yesterday in the News we learned of a Michigan man crashed into a gas station while trying to do donuts in his truck, Danny did donuts on peoples lawn as a kid so we kick off a conversation about things we did as kids that were pretty dang stupid. Paul's Daughter Jellybean stops by with a Spooky joke, then we have the Triumphant return of Danny Bonaduce Life Coach!!!

The Best Things In Life Are FREE

We play the game that is sweeping the nation "Alice, Cooper or Alice Cooper?!?" for tickets to see Alice Cooper at McCaw Hall April 20th! Apparently Lyft is offering free rides to people going on job interviews so we chat all about cool things we have gotten for Free! Danny would be deleting facebook if he had one because of some new emoji rules, apparently cat owners REALLY love their cats and someone stole a 1-ton rock all in the News. In Music and Entertainment Prince, GOT and a new term teenagers are using that Danny is against are all topics of conversation. PLUS you can't forget about all things Sports.

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