Tuesday's Show: K-Pop, BTK and Date Nights OH MY!

images from getty images BTK and BTS


Danny has a new nickname for his wife Amy and he apparently had a very intense dance party yesterday.... but isn't sure what the name of the K-pop band he was dancing to was called. Another sad passing in the Classic Rock World, The Beatles and Slayer all making Music News. We chat about Sesame Street, Inspector Gadget and Alex Trebek in Entertainment PLUS Monday Night Football, Baseball and David Draiman all in Sports. In the News Sarah updates us on the 3 alarm fire that happened in Ballard yesterday, an Atm that was stolen in Coulee City and ONE BIG ASS SNAKE in Florida.


You Must Impress Me Old Man

Tom Brady is still setting records at 42, Evander Holyfield is heading back to boxing at 56, both are significantly older than their pro athlete peers which kicks off a conversation about people of an older age that impress us. Sarah hits us with Filthy Forecast followed by Danny Bonaduce's Big News Of The Day


Date Night Upgraded

We play a second round of "Who From The Who!?" For tickets to sit in the KZOK section of the Who Concert at T-Mobile Park NEXT Saturday Plus exclusive Danny and Sarah Pre-Party Passes. According to Sarah dinner and a movie is the old date night standard so we discuss date night alternatives. In the news we chat Nancy Pelosi, one very big boat and some very interesting soap. In Music and Entertainment we cover some Alice in Chains News, Paul McCartney and A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Plus Monday Night Football, Tyler Lockett and much much more in Sports!



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