Thursday's Show: Guarding Greenlake, Tequila, Tacos and More!!

Greenlake in seattle Washington

Guarding Greenlake

Danny has started to rub off on his wife Amy... is it a good thing or bad thing? In the News we talk about Sharpiegate, a strange bathroom encounter in Montana and story involving a chainsaw in Florida. Led Zeppelin, Brad Pitt and Kelly Clarkson all are in Music and Entertainment PLUS Mariners, Seahawks and Rob Gronkowski in sports.


Tequila,Tacos and Tuesdays

LeBron James has filed a petition to trademark “Taco Tuesday” which kicked off a conversation about our favorite alliterative or rhyming phrases we love. We play another excited round of "What About Bob!?!" for tickets to see Bob Seger on September 21st at the Tacoma Dome. Danny Hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day. Sarah also gives us another Filthy Forecast!


A Whole Lot Of Extra!

Costco is selling a $900, 72-pound wheel of cheese which makes us discuss things we have seen or have purchased ourselves in extreme quantity. In the news we discuss a theft in Kelso, a kitty that has some pretty interesting coloring, and on very interesting new car. In Music and Entertainment Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift and The Movie Venom all come up in discussion. Mariners, Cleveland Indians and Seahawks all come up in Sports!!



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