Being Captivated by Aerosmith and Homes: Friday's Show

A Friday Filled With Aerosmith

Danny saw a bunny and somehow ended up talking about things that belong in Aerosmith songs. In the News Sarah informs us about The Toxic Algae affecting some local areas, one very bad priest and someone who thinks they are Stone Cold Steve Austin in Florida. We chat about Alice in Chains, Iron Madien Beer and the Obamas in Music and Entertainment. Plus Mariners, Seahawks and Aaron Rodgers in Sports.


An entire town gathered around to open a time capsule, and it was empty which was all people in that town could talk about. So we discuss things that captivated our hometowns. We play one final round of "Brilliant Billys!" for tickets to see Billy Idol at The Washington State Fair on August 30th. Danny hooks us up with his Big News of The Day and We have an extra special edition of Where has Sarah's Beaver Been? For ticket to see Jeff Dunham on September 20th at the Washington State Fair.

Home Sweet Spaceship?

A homeowner is in trouble for painting emojis all over the house, another is in trouble for making their house look like the Flintstones, which kicks off a conversation about what we would like the outside of our homes to look like. In the News we learn from Sarah that Washington State apparently isn't all that friendly, someone had created butter flavored water, and in Rhode Island there is a mystery that really needs to be solved before it becomes one big poopfest. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Willie Nelson, Aretha Franklin and Mr T. Sports covers Mariners, Seahawks and The Nameing Rights to Centurylink Field! PLUS New movies hitting theaters this weekend.

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