F Words, Life Hacks and Terrifying Places: Mondays Show

The F Word

Danny had a very busy weekend filled with family friends and apparently a whole lot of the F word. In the news Sarah informs us of a new Cat mutilator in Everett, a reason to move and not to move to Canada and a snake filled story out of Florida. We chat about The Rolling Stones, Miley Cyrus and Rick & Morty in Music and Entertainment. Mariners, Tebow and Sounders in Sports!

Life Hacks

A new study shows that we've all been assembling tacos the wrong way. We should be putting the cheese in first, not the meat so the shell sticks together and doesn’t get soggy, which seems like a pretty simple life hack so we discuss our simple hacks that make our lives a little easier. We play the first round of " He's a Magic Man!" for tickets to see Heart with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts September 4th at The Tacoma Dome. Danny hooks us up with his Big News of The Day PLUS Jim The Flagger stops by with his Business News!

Afraid Of The Dark?

There has been so much recent attention paid to Chernobyl, which still seems to be a super scary place… so we chat about places that terrify us! Some are stranger than others. Sarah hooks us up with the news of a jailbreak in Jefferson County, a missing anklet but not the kind your thinking of and some tasty treats coming your way. In Music and Entertainment we discuss Lil Nas X a new festival that a few people may want to head out to in Denver and 50 shades of gray. Plus Mariners, Sounders, and Spongebob in Sports (yes Spongebob)

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