Tattoos, Pets and Luxurious Life Styles All On Today's Show!

Danny Got His Turtle Tattoo Touched Up A Little

A Tattoo A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Yesterday was tattoo Tuesday for Danny! Sarah updates us on Amazon Prime Day, a strange kangaroo sighting and a stupid criminal in Florida. In Music and Entertainment we chat about a strange collaboration between two KZOK artists, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The Office. PLUS Mariners and other things involving balls in Sports.

Live Like A Prince

A Minnesota woman is living like Prince for a year, dressing like him, changed her name to a symbol so we discuss who we think would be the worst or best person to live our lives like. We play a very hard edition of "Don't Bring Me Down,Bruce!" for tickets to see Jeff Lynne's ELO at the Tacoma Dome June 28th. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day and Jellybean Stops by with her first joke of the Summer!

Stuck On That Strange Behavior

A cat that loved to nap in the washing machine was accidentally put through a full wash cycle which kicks off a chat about strange animal behaviors we have witnessed. In the News Sarah informs us of a Fire which could of been prevented if people played with roman candles in kayaks instead of cars (according to Amanda), a man who may have turned in to the incredible hulk according to nurses and Miss Hooters Tennessee has made some poor choices and so much more! The Doors, GWAR and Elton John all in Music and Entertainment plus Mariners, Yankees and some strange discussions on dancing in Sports!

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