Tuesdays Show: All By Myself At The Dough Zone

Welcome To The Dough Zone

Danny tells us all about his adventures yesterday that include a trip to The Dough Zone. In the News Sarah updates us on a man that fell in between the lanes of the 520 bridge, a adorable story about ducklings and shocker, an adorable story out of Florida. In Music and Entertainment we discuss Joan Jett, Prince and Sylvester Stallone. Plus we chat about Mariners, World Cup and Cam Newton in Sports.

All By Myself

A woman woke up on a commercial airplane, all by herself, so we discuss times we have done things that usually involve more than one person all alone. We played another edition of " Don't Bring Me Down, Bruce!" To win tickets to see Jeff Lynne's ELO on June 28th at the Tacoma Dome! Danny tells us all about his Big News Of The Day. Plus we have another Fabulous Filthy Forecast from Sarah.

The Trip of A Lifetime

People are flocking to Manitoba Canada to see the annual snake orgy, which kicks off a conversation about times we have traveled long distances to see something specific. Sarah hooks us up with the lastest info on the 520 runner who jumped and fell 60 feet overnight, A new study on a drug many people take that could be causing some not so fun side effects, and a guy drives like he belongs on Dukes of Hazard. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Bruce Springsteen, Micheal Jackson and Taylor Swift. PLUS Mariners and The World Cup in Sports.

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