Lime Bike Gang, Children Behaving Badly and Botched Purchases Oh My!

Lime Gang

Danny Is Convinced Sarah is trying to start a Lime Bike Gang and apparently needs to learn how to be a bit more energy efficient. In the News Sarah informs us about a new pipeline that could effect us here in Washington, a body found in an odd place and a guy in Florida proving... well Florida is just weird. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Slipknot, some new country music, and Jeopardy. PLUS Mariners and other things with Balls in Sports!!

Children Behaving Badly

A 4-year-old is in big trouble after he stole his great grandpa's car to go get candy which kicks off a discussion about times we got in trouble when we were kids. We play "Oye Como Va!" for tickets to Santana and The Doobie Brothers at White River Amphitheater June 29th. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day and Jellybean stops by with another Epic Joke of The Week!

Botched Purchases

A Florida man thought he paid $9k to buy a house at auction, but turned out instead to be a tiny strip of land that he can't build on, so we chat about times we have made purchases that took a wrong turn somewhere. Sarah tells us everything we need to know about a very flexible raccoon in Snohomish, a whole lot of cocaine and a unneighborly neighbor all in the News. In Music and Entertainment we talk about The Doors, Elvis and Top Gun. Mariners and New Netting in Sports!

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