War of Ch Ch Change, Jobs and Strange Attire All From The Show!

War of Ch Ch Change!

Danny started his day by having an issue with change. In the News Sarah informs us about an epic Moon, exploding manholes and a strange sale in Florida. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Megadeath, Jimmy Buffett and David Spade. Mariners, NBA and Seahawks in Sports!

There Are Just Some Jobs We Will Never Do

An Indian illusionist lost his life after being bound and submerged into water. Sarah says she'd never do that job, even if it paid insanely well, so we discuss jobs we could just never do. We play the game that is sweeping the nation " Oye Como Va!" For tickets to Santana and The Doobie Brothers On June 29th at The White River Amphitheater! Danny gives us the hook up with his Big News Of The Day and Sarah has an Moon Filled Filthy Forecast.

Proper Attire

Notre Dame held its first mass since the devastating fire, the clergy and attendees were required to wear hard hats so we discuss times we have been to event that required interesting attire. Sarah updates us on a recall from a Whatcom County Farm, two guys who go stranded on an island in Tennessee and we talk about the Happiest Place on Earth all in the News. In Music and Entertainment we talk about the new movie Yesterday hitting theaters June 28th, Hollywood Vampires and Mariah Carey. Mariners, Seahawks and Tom Brady in Sports!

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