Elephants, The Fecal Transplants and More All On Today's Show!

A Night The Elephant Won't Forget

Danny informs us about his trip to Portland and it happens to evolve an Elephant. In the News Sarah updates us on one Boeing executive apologizing for the 737 Max Planes, an interesting thing that happened at the Nortre Dame Cathedral, and a strange thief in Florida. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Ciara, Star Trek and Kevin Bacon. PLUS Mariners, Babe Ruth and World Cup in Sports!

Gotta Get That Side Hustle

With services like Uber, Lift, Doordash, Wag and others, tons of people are starting second jobs and side hustles. So we chat about past present and future side hustles we have done. We play the first round of "Oye Como Va!" For tickets to Santana and The Doobie Brothers on June 29th at The White River Amphitheater. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day, Plus Jim the Flagger Stops by with his Business News!

Modern Inconveniences

A new study says milennials are killing the doorbell industry because they just text “here” or they knock, even if there is a doorbell which brings up things that are commonplace but we choose not to use them. Sarah informs us about a new housing development that some of wouldn't want to live in, a crazy story about a gator and its not in Florida, and a meat thief all in the News. Guns N Roses, Outkast and George Clooney in Music and Entertainment. Mariners, NBA and Henrick Stenson.

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