It's Friday!! Will Danny Busk Or Not Busk and Other Questions

To Busk Or Not To Busk?

Danny is heading on a grand adventure after work today that includes a train ride and the possibility of busking! In the news Sarah informs us of a lost pig that is now found out in Lacey, a woman who got pulled over in an unusual vehicle and an odd thing being used as a weapon in Florida. The Who, Motorhead and Danny's Favorite TV show all in Entertainment and Music. Plus Mariners,NBA and Soccer in Sports.


A new study shows Canadians are actually more rude than Americans while on vacation, so we discuss times we have seen people be down right rude. We play the FINAL installment of "There's a Bathroom On The Right!" for tickets to see Creedence Clearwater Revisited out at the Snoqualime Casino June 21st. Danny informs us of his Big News Of The Day and We play another edition of "Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been?" for tickets to a pre-screening of Yesterday!

Historically Creepy

There is SO much talk about Chernobyl thanks to the new miniseries which brings up all the creepy places we have been that happen to be historical. In the news Sarah lets us know about an island here in Washington that is topping lists of of best summer vacation spots, Tyson Foods is branching out you won't believe what they have come up with and one woman who really needs to learn how to set fire to things better. We chat about Helmet, Taylor Swift and Beer in Music and Entertainment PLUS Mariners, NBA and New Movie Releases!!!

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