Wednesday's Show : Bruce Lee, Lawyers, and Lairs oh my!

Dining Like Bruce Lee

Danny kicks off the show in a fabulous way with talks of tasty food, good company and blue suede shoes! In the news we learn about a boy who went sailing on accident, a grandfathers dieing wish which could surprise you and A Florida Man who made a few bad choices. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Rush, Gun n Roses and Youtube PLUS Mariners, Women's Soccer and NHL in Sports.

Liars, Lawyers and Little Ones

A new product is out from Kraft called salad frosting, it’s just ranch dressing repackaged to trick kids into eating more vegetables they even have the slogan #Lielikeaparent in their advertisement so we discuss times our parents lied or said something to trick us. We play another round of "There's a Bathroom On The Right!" For tickets to see Creedance Clearwater Revisited at The Snoqualmie Casino June 21st. We had Rick Jones from Goldberg Jones in studio taking your calls about all things Divorce during Life Coach with Rick Jones PLUS Jellybean Stops by for her epic Joke of the Week!

Evil Twin

Researchers have concluded that having an extra finger is a good thing, and that the brain can actually control the spare digit separately from the others which get us talking about things we would like a little extra of, Danny wants an extra version of himself so he can be his evil twin, the answers get a little crazy. Sarah hooks us up with everything we need to know about a new show featuring a local fire agency on q13 fox, where the rich kids are all moving now a days and an odd job that everyone would be good at! In Music and Entertainment we discuss Tom Petty, Dr John and Russian Doll. PLUS Mariners,Soccer and the Highest paid Athletes in Sports!!!

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