Smell The Funk, Don't Talk To Strangers and Lots More On Today's Show!

Words I Never Wanna Hear

Danny has decided Amy, his wife just needs to make decisions for him rather than asking, plus he informed us of a cool trip he will be taking this weekend. In the news we learn about a new plan for the abandoned military installation near discovery park, a glittery situation in Oregon and a strange sight to see in Florida. We chat about the future of The Showbox, Mick Jagger and I Love Lucy in Music and Entertainment. Plus Mariners, NBA and David Ortiz in Sports!

Smell The Funk

An Indiana company is trolling Ohio with a candle that smells like nothing, because they say there’s not much to Ohio, so we try and figure out what the Washington State Candle should smell like and the answers range from Pine to The Tacoma Aurora and everything in between. We play "There's A Bathroom On The Right!" for tickets to see Creedence Clearwater Revisited at the Snoqualime Casino on June 21st. Danny Hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day, Plus Sarah gives us a fabulous Filthy Forecast.

Don't Talk To Strangers

Walmart is launching a home delivery service and will put your groceries in your fridge when you're not home which kicks off a discussion about times you have trusted a stranger. Sarah informs us of a plane diverted due to a smell, one speeder who may or may not had a good reason, and another business who is dropping part of their name all in the news. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Metallica, Bieber and Scrooged. Mariners,NBA and Johnny Manziel in Sports.

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