#NASAMoonTunes, Smell Tests and More All On A Early Monday Morning

Danny Bonaduce and his kick ass pink shoes and matching shirt

Does it Pass The Smell Test

Sarah almost killed herself on the way to work, and Danny seems to think he knows how to help in the future. Plus Danny thinks now he could pass "the smell" test. In the News Sarah informs us of a Car Chase, Some Strange Theories on Weather and A Man Trying to ride one Wal-Mart of something a little strange in Florida. In Music and Entertainment New music from Someone a little unexpected, A tour for some unlikely people and wedding bells for a local celebrity. PLUS Mariners,Big Papi and NHL in Sports

Let Me Take You Home Tonight

A dad in San Diego is selling the backyard roller coaster he built for his kids, Danny says he’d love to have a roller coaster at his house so we chat about uncoventale things we would love to have in our homes everything from Slurpee machines to arcades. We play the new game that is sweeping the nation "There's A Bathroom On The Right" for tickets to Creedence Clearwater Revisited On June 21st at The Snoqualime Casino. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day and Jim the Flagger Stops by For His Business News.


NASA is preparing to send a manned mission to the moon by 2024, that means 3 full days of travel. So they're asking for the public's help putting together their #NASAMoonTunes playlist so we go over a ton of songs that belong on that list!! Sarah gives us all the details in the News about a kid in Vancouver Washington who made some poor choices, another poor choice in Chicago and a business that should of updated their "front business" at least 10 years ago. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Genesis, Clarence Clemons and Justin Beiber. PLUS Mariners,NBA and NHL in sports!!

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