Today's Show: Dapper Danny, Adulting is Hard and The Good, Bad and Ugly!

Dapper Danny

Danny is looking very dapper and colorful with his pink coat and shoes! Plus he went and saw the new Elton John Rocketman Movie and was a big fan. In the news Sarah informs us of shooting near White Center, a Machete Attack near Lake Washington and hamburglar in Florida! We chat about what kind of music make you drive fast, slow and erratic, Miley Cyrus and Magic: The Gathering all in Music and Entertainment. Plus Mariners Tracy Morgan and Alex Rodriguez in Sports!

Adulting is Hard

Danny will be trying the "Toe of Satan" in the near future and Sarah thinks that doing so is questionable so we chat about things we have done that are questionable as an adult. We play "Which Pat Was That?" For ticket to see Pat Benatar at the Emerald Queen Casino July 27th. Danny informs us all about his Big News Of The Day, Plus a FABULOUS Filthy Forecast From Sarah!

The Good, Bad and Ugly Meals

Each year someone bids on having lunch with Warren Buffett, great company but he has questionable eating habits which kicks off a discussion about about times our meals have been amazing or horrible because of the company! In News Sarah tells us all about a wildfire in Grant County, a Styrofoam Cake and some twerking criminals. Bob Seger, Handmaidens Tale and Magic The Gathering In Music and Entertainment PLUS Mariners,Sounders and Seagals in Sports!

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