Today's Show "An Unfunny Bag Of Cats"

An Unfunny Bag Of Cats

Danny has an interesting conversation with his son as well as navigating his ongoing cat situation. In the news we learn about a strange family situation some changes to Point Defiance Park. Then in entertainment and sports Las Vegas is getting the Game Of Thrones treatment and LeBron James has a couple projects he has in mind for the future.


Peculiar Places

We are constantly hearing about problems in Florida involving gators, but people there seem to treat them like no big deal which prompted the question, what is something you find peculiar about another part of our country? Then in Danny's Big News of the Day we talk about NASA's feces project as well as the most stressful states in America. Then Sarah updates us on the weather in Sarah's Filthy Forecast


Dressed For Success

Not Apple, or Disney, or Coca-Cola, but Saudi Aramco is the world's most profitable company, despite the fact that we’ve never heard of it so we were wondering, what is something or someone who you are surprised is successful? Then, in the news, Sarah brings us stories on an orca baby and a Canadian family with a strange and elderly predicament. Then in entertainment and sports we discuss book burning and the blazing hot Seattle Mariners.



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