Today's Show "You're All Out Of Order"

You're All Out Of Order

Danny switched up his morning schedule and is confused by recent clothing trends. Then in the news Sarah brings us stories on a woman who feels no pain and a possible mafia treasure. Then in entertainment and sports we hear about Eric Clapton making an announcement as well as a Texas Ranger making quite the entrance.

Fast Track To Nowhere

Mike Pence says we need to fast-track a manned mission to the moon so we were wondering what is something that you want to see fast tracked? Then we play the final edition of Bad To The Bone! And in Danny's Big News Of The Day we hear about a miffed tall mayor and a bagel debate. Sarah's beaver has been out and about again so we asked if you knew where Sarah's beaver has been.

Sale Of The Century

CBD oil is coming to hundreds of CVS stores despite some controversy, CBD products are now sold online and are appearing in more stores which made us wonder what you're surprised they sell. Then in the news we hear a few stories including one about a strange exorcism and another a huge pearl. We also learn the Friday Fun Fact! In entertainment and sports we hear about a possible high honor for Ozzy and our #1 Seattle Mariners! And we check out what new movies are in theaters this Friday.

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