Jimmy Kimmel Comes To Seattle and Complains About Being Fired in 1990

Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel's Live came to Seattle to interview Michelle Obama at the Tacoma Dome earlier this week, but while he was here he posted the following photo on Instagram:

Yes, it's true, Jimmy Kimmel hosted a morning show on 102.5 KZOK here in Seattle back in 1989 with his partner Kent Voss. The show didn't last very long, as Kimmel and company were fired the following year. Kimmel would go on to do radio around the country (Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc) and end up getting a gig on Win Ben Stein's Money. The rest is broadcast history.

We set out to find the man that fired Kimmel before Kimmel found him. His name was Larry Sharp and Danny has secured Larry in an undisclosed location and is demanding that Jimmy Kimmel, if he wants anything to do with KZOK, go through him.

Additionally, while doing research for this project, we have uncovered audio from 30 years ago of Jimmy Kimmel & Kent Voss hosting The Me & Him Show on 102.5 KZOK. That audio and Danny's demands are in the video below.

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