Today's Show"Magic Mushrooms and Suck Salad"

Magic Mushrooms and Suck Salad

The construction saga continues at Danny's and apparently they have even found mushrooms growing in his home! Sarah updates us all things news including all the drama around the Boeing Air 737 Max planes, some new info about Bluetooth earbuds you should know about and a Florida man named Plaster made some poor decisions. We chat about Ozzy, Iron Maiden, and a new development in the upcoming Bond film all in Music and Entertainment PLUS Baseball, Seahawks and one crazy 911 call in Sports!

Kids In America

Everybody is talking about the college cheating and bribery scandal, rich parents went overboard trying to get their kids into the best schools which kicks off a discussion about times we have seen people go above and beyond the call of duty for their kids. We play "Rock Your World" for tickets to see Kansas at the Paramount April 13th! Danny hooks us up with with his Big News of the Day PLUS Sarah's extra special Pi edition of The Filthy Forecast.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

A new car anti-theft device can spray pepper spray or a fart smell so we talk about all the things we would use in that device, from stinky cheese to cat pee! Sarah tells us an update on the gentleman who was attacked with a Hatchet earlier this month, all the info you need on this extra special Pi Day, and one crazy electric bill. We talk about Ozzy Osbourne, The Jonas Brothers and Spice Girls all in Music and Entertainment PLUS we have the low down on Battle at the Boat 120 happening out at the EQC March 23rd and much much more in SPORTS.

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