Today's Show "Big Eyed Fish, Flying Fish and Fried Fish"

Danny's Whole Snapper from Shaker & Spear

Big Eyed Fish, Flying Fish and Fried Fish

Danny had an interesting day yesterday which included an odd meal, one that some people wouldn't eat it, or at least 2 out 4 people in the studio wouldn't eat it! Sarah kicks off news with info on a fire in Auburn, a stupid criminal in Bellevue, some silly condiments where Amanda proves she may not be the best at coming up with names for things and one weird jellyfish! We talk about a classic rock band who's member admits to trying to try and kill another band mate, along with updates on the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. Some controversy surrounding Will Smith, a very rare book was recently found and Danny ends up hating on Matthew Lillard in Entertainment, plus we talk Mariners, Bryce Harper and Peyton Manning in Sports!

Special Guest Rick Jones Never Forgets

A woman forgot her bridesmaid dress and had to enlist the help of Southwest Airlines which kicks off a conversation about important things we have forgotten. We play the mid-week edition of "Take The Money and Run!" for tickets to see Steve Miller Band at Chateau St. Michelle on August 30th! Life Coach with Special Guest Rick Jones from Goldberg Jones Divorce for Men! If you couldn't call in you can always call 1-800-DIVORCE. We round out the segment with Jellybean's Joke of the Week.

You Drive Me Crazy

Fights broke out over specialty Starbucks cups in the shape of cat paws so we discuss times we have seen people go crazy for a product. Sarah has all the info we need about the new ban coming our way on plastic bags, a big beef recall,a internet viral sensation Danny thinks he should win and one very large fish! In music and entertainment news we talk about Pete Townshend, Randy Bachman and Michael Jackson. PLUS Mariners, and a whole lot of football!

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