Today's Show "Mustaches, Charlie Brown and Megadeath Oh My!

Mustaches, Charlie Brown and Megadeath Oh My!

Danny came into work today clean shaven and it caught us a little off guard. Sarah has all the info you need on a deadly car crash,Melania Trump coming to town and some drug addicted parrots. We talk Stevie Nicks and a very young rapper in Music, Plus Sounders, Mariners and NFL in sports!

Battle Scars

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife. People often pick sides in these celebrity feuds, like Team Jennifer or team Angelina so we discuss battles we have picked a side on even though we weren't involved. We played the first round of " Take the Money and Run!" for tickets to Steve Miller Band at Chateau St Michelle on Aug 30th! Danny fills us in on his Big News Of the Day! Plus Business News with Jim The Flagger.

Do You Have A Life Saver?

A man survived being stranded for days by eating taco bell hot sauce packets. In this case they were literally a "life saver", but we all consider hot sauce to be a “life saver” for fixing bland food, we have a nice little conversation about things we consider Life Savers! Sarah fills us in on some Pink houses in Texas, a ghost town in Georgia and a whole lot of drugs. We chat about Pearl Jam and movies that hit theaters this weekend in Music and Entertainment plus Sounders, Mariners and much more in Sports!

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