Today's Show "California Revisited"

California Revisited

Danny updates us on his makeup mishaps while in Cali filming an episode of The Kids Are Alright! Sarah has all the info on stuff going on in the political world, one weird llama and a Troll who doesn't reside under the Fremont Bridge, altho maybe they should be pen pals! We talk Beatles, and Micheal Jackson in Music, Aquaman and Brooklyn 99 in Entertainment PLUS Mariners, Toni Harris and Johnny Manziel in Sports!


The Price is Right, Or is it?

Sticker Shock is real, from the price of college to the price of tabs for your car we discuss them all! We play "Our Other Favorite Heart Song!" Danny hooks us up with his big news of the day, plus a Filthy Forecast that you don't want to miss.


The House of The Rising Sun

Recently in the news, someone bought themselves a castle, so we converse about our dream houses and dream living situations from living in a tree-house to under the sea we have them all! We play a game about Whiskey for tickets Whiskey Rocks NW which is happening this Saturday at T-Mobile Park! You can still buy tickets at Sarah has all the info on a recent arrest involving an arsonist, Trump News and oh so much more! We chat about an actor from 90210 who recently just had a stroke and all things Mariners in Entertainment and Sports!



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