Today's Show " Love Me Some In-Laws"

Love Me Some In-Laws

Danny admits he loves his in-laws a little more than he loves his own family, Paul tries to make the whole show rhyme and apparently Amanda is hosting dance parties in her production booth. Sarah updates us on a shooting that occurred in Federal Way, A warning to those in Gray's Harbor and a sad day in Seattle for those who love the Seattle Weekly. Queen, Van Halen and Ariana Grande in music news plus of course all you need to know about the Mariners in Sports!


Don't Believe The Hype

The Academy Awards have come and gone, which got us discussing things we think are over hyped and things that are totally worth the hype. We play the second installment of "Our Other Favorite Heart Songs!" Danny fills us in on all of his Big News Of The Day PLUS another unforgettable Filthy Forecast from Sarah.


Just Kick Back, Relax and Be Lazy

Damn Millennials ruining everything! Now they won't even learn how to grow plants, we have a conversation about all the things people don't seem to bother even doing for themselves anymore.We play a game about whiskey to for tickets to THIS SATURDAYS Whiskey Rocks NW, if you didnt win tickets you can still buy them at Sarah fills us in on everything we need to know news wise from a new line of clothing from target to a restruant that may or may not have chainsaws! Plus a whole lot more in Entertainment and Sports.



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