Today's Show "The Kids Are Alright, Right?"

The Kids Are Alright, Right?

Danny's wife picked him up a tasty mini box of cereal, if only he brought in enough to share! Sarah has all the info on the next phase of the "Seattle Squeeze", some crazy weather around the world and one very large or maybe not so large bee. In Music and Entertainment we have info on John Bon Jovi and R. Kelly Plus you can't forget about sports!


Working For The Weekend

One kid, earned a whole lot of cash during the snow here in Seattle, so we discuss fun ways we have earned a buck! Plus a whole lot of games and of course Danny's Big News of the Day!


Just Can't Get Enough Of That JellyBean

There was a strange turtle in the news yesterday that got us talking about things in nature that we find interesting or amazing, We play one final round of NAME THAT TUNE, Sarah has the News PLUS special guest Jellybean is in the studio making a special delivery.



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