Sarah's Beer of the Week 04.04.19

Ever get hungry and you open the fridge and don't see anything you want...and then moments later you open it again? As if something new and exciting you wanted to eat would miraculously appear? I got luck when I opened my fridge this week and found a beer inside I hadn't purchased! One of Matt's co-workers sent it home with him for us to try. Love having beer friends. The beer he gifted us was Dark Swan from Lagunitas. This is not something I'd purchase for myself. A sour ale, fermented with dark red wine grapes! It pours purple! The taste is certainly sour. It smells like wine. There are hops and malts. It's almost as if my tongue was confused. It really is as if a beer and red wine had a baby. This is a beer for sharing, based on taste and ABV (7.9%). Lagunitas makes some great beers, and while this isn't to my taste, if you like sours it's probably in your wheel house. And if you haven't visited the tap room in Ballard...change that! Great spot.


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