Sarah's Beer of the Week 03.28.19

I am certainly day dreaming about warm weather,and drinking Summer beers and light refreshers. Until that's a reality I'm sticking with some big bodied beers and some dark beers. This week I cracked a can of Ellie's Brown Ale From Avery Brewing Co. Yum and yummer. That's not really proper English, but it gets the point across. This beer has chocolate, and malt. Vanilla, nuts, brown sugar. Sounds like dessert, but it's beer and not very sweet either. If someone described a beer to me that way I'd prob think I wouldn't like it. But this is a great Brown Ale. It's just 5.5% ABV so the mouthfeel is a little on the thin side. But it's nice to have a beer that's full flavored without the heat of a big ABV beer. I'm enjoying the winter beers this season, but yes, still looking forward to the warm weather!


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