Sarah's Beer of the Week 02.21.19

Tis the season...for big beers. For dark beers. It's been cold, and snowy and wet and...well...Winter. This week I finally ventured out with friends and had a Stout at Teku Tavern in Seattle. This was from Aslan Brewing Company in Bellingham. I love their Batch 15 (IPA) and Dawn Patrol (Pacific Ale), but as I said, it's WINTER. I need some dark beers. Their American Stout hit the spot. Just enough malt, coffee and chocolate notes. Easy drinking, and smooth. I don't like a stout that is too coffee flavored, nor too thin. Lucky for me, this stout doesn't have those issues. Aslan has a great lineup of beers, with lots of variety. I have yet to have one that I didn't like. This was no exception. The list at Teku is always changing, but they also have a huge variety in the fridges. Find your winter comfort beverage, stay indoors and enjoy!


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