Sarah's Beer of the Week 02.14.19

I'm not a big Barley Wine drinker because it's usually SO high in ABV. And it's low in carbonation, and I like bubbles. But, after this week, a barley wine seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Each year Seattle beer mainstay Big Time Brewing comes out with a new Old Wooly. This one had been cellared for a year +, and it was time to be consumed. With a view of the snow, and heavy PJ's on, I drank me some barley wine. Well, I delicately sipped some barley wine. Most of them are sippers. A lot of interesting flavors going on here. Raisins. Brown Sugar. Molasses. Sounds like a yummy cookie! There is some tang, and a bit of heat from it being 9% ABV! This isn't for everyone, just like IPA isn't for everyone. But a sipper in slippers on a week full of snow is spot on. Find yourself something robust, pour it into a snifter and watch the snow plows go by.  


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