Sarah's Beer of the Week for 01.31.19

When I heard Urban Family Brewing was tapping a special stout I couldn't resist. Ooey Goeduck. Yup, an Imperial Stout brewed with Geoduck clams. Now, I normally go to UF for their line of 'sicle beers, or for their IPA's. But this was too intriguing to turn down. I went right when they tapped it, alongside my beer buddies Mark and Chastity. This brew poured thick and creamy like a regular stout. Its taste was anything but regular. The first sip was pretty standard, but then a sort of metallic after taste (not a bad taste), then a sort of dry tangy finish. I wouldn't say it tasted like geoduck, but it didn't taste like any stout I've ever had. It almost reminded me of the liquor in an freshly shucked oyster. It poured a bit cold, so we kept taking sips as it got less chilled. The taste became more flavorful and complex. This is one weird brew. Did I mention the 'imperial stout' part? Over 12% ABV on this bad boy. While I can't imagine drinking this again, or on a regular basis, it was certainly worth the visit to UF. And if YOU haven't been, put it on the list. They are brewing really beautiful beers. Without clams.


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