Today's Show "A Jump To The Left, and Then A Step To The Right"

A Jump To The Left and Then A Step To The Right

Danny has an interesting ride into work this Tuesday morning. Sarah fills us in on News, Entertainment and Sports. 

Lil Peep's 

There's currently a contest being held by Peeps where someone will get to go and see how Peeps are made which brought up the fun discussion of things we would like to see made. We play the second installment of " KISS and Tell" for a chance to win tickets to see KISS on February 2nd out at the Tacoma Dome. Danny tells about his Big News Of The Day, Plus Sarah has her Filthy Forecast. 

It's All About That Hype

Via-Doom is all people seem to be talking about, so we have a conversation about things that have a big hype deserved or not. Sarah closes out the show with News, Entertainment and Sports. 

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