Today's Show "Feelin' Hot Hot Hot"

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

It's MONDAY people and apparently, Sarah has gone crazy, Danny got burned, Amanda is sore and Paul, well he's just Paul. Sarah updates us on what happened over the weekend with News, Entertainment and Sports.

Breaking The Law

People were told to try and telecommute this week with the closure of the Viaduct,  we couldn't do that which kicked off the conversation, what are things you were told not to do, but you did it anyway? We had our first installment of "KISS and Tell" for a chance to win tickets to see KISS at the Tacoma Dome February 2nd. Jim the Flagger brings the 7am hour to a close with his business news.   

Danger, People at Work

Someone in the news recently got fired for tampering with a video of President Trump, which made Paul question what other people have done at work that they weren't suppose to. The answers got a little weird. Sarah brings our crazy Monday to a close with News, Entertainment and Sports.

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