Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been? 1/4

Well some people in Seattle are super-amped about an impending Big Change for our fair city....of course, we can't find any of them! 

Sarah's Beaver has been roaming the halls, looking up and down the cube farm, poking into managerial offices, and can't find a single human here at KZOK who thinks either plan the city voted on was worth it's weight in Beaver-Nuggets. In fact a little over half are downright pissed. It seems the people excited about it either have enough money to frequent the offices, condos, and restaurants that will have suddenly much-improved views...or they live on Capitol Hill and read the damned Stranger too much. For more than a few here at the little radio station, it's how they got to work! And it's all about to be a traffic clusterf*** of the sort we haven't seen....well since a big fish truck overturned! So Scott Vanderpool offered to take her....on one last ride...

If you can tell Danny and Sarah where her Beaver has been Friday morning, you could win a pair of tickets to see Kansas play their 1977 album Point of Know Return....and probably their other hits....at Seattle's historic Paramount Theater, Saturday April 13th!

As always, the phone number to use is 1-800-252-1025...good luck, and Happy Beaver Hunting!

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