Today's Show " Umbrellas?! We Don't Need No Stinking Umbrellas!"

Hour 1 Umbrellas?! We Don't Need No Stinking Umbrellas!

This hour includes Danny's story of the day which includes his new reason to hate Sarah. Sarah updates us on the News, Sports and Entertainment! 


Hour 2 The Tax Man Can

California wants to tax texters which made us ponder the idea of what we would like to tax. We play the last installment of Holmes Or Watson!?!?! Danny's Big News Of The Day, PLUS Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been?!?!


Hour 3 Psycho Killer and Softy

In this hour we discuss all the different documentary series we want to have made like the new Ted Bundy Series which is coming to Netfilx. Sarah has the News and the Fruit Cake edition of the Friday Fun Fact. We give away the grand prize from this weeks game Holmes or Watson, A DRONE! Sarah fills us in on Entertainment and Softy from KJR 950AM checks in sports



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